Coding is fun

What's This Website About?


I have made quite some discord bots or chatbots, however you wanna call them, they are all listed in here, open source, finished or unfinished. UG Epic Bot is the only exception right now.

Video Games

In this section, you will be able to see all of my "released" Unity games and download links to play them. Unfortunately, I don't have any finished games right now.


I coded quite some bash/py scripts since I started using Linux, and well, in here you have a list of some of the not-that-useful scripts that I normally use when I need to perform a specific task.


Social Medias

Pictured As Perfect

Want to follow me on my socials, or just have a talk? You can check them here!

UnderGame#4540, UG Dev ​Discord

@xUnderGame, Twitter Page

UnderGame, Youtube Link

xUnderGame, Github Link